Financial Decisions for Life After College

[formerly, Making Cent$ of Money - first started 2007-03-26]

Organized and presented by Professors Al Hibbard and Mark Mills

If you are going to be graduating from college soon, getting a job, and entering the "real world", then there are some things you may wish to know about money. This seminar will discuss such issues as: health insurance and payroll; loans and mortgages; use of credit cards; and savings and investment. You will get some hands-on experience using various resources on the internet to help you better understand these issues. One site to visit that covers many of the topics discussed here is Here you will find many calculators, resources, and other valuable tips and links. Another general site, at Boston College, is worth visiting.



Action Steps for various stages in life

  1. Getting a job
  2. Emergency Fund
  3. Housing arrangements
  4. Student loans
  5. Credit/Debit cards
  6. Learning about finances
  7. Long-term savings
  8. Retirement savings

Last updated: 2021-11-04